Property Management

Pastermack Real Estate is pleased to offer its clients a full-service property management department. Whether you have recently acquired a property or are just tired of dealing with the daily management of an existing property, Pastermack Real Estate has the ability to serve you. We offer a variety of services that may include any of the following and can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Finding Tenants – We can market your property to find acceptable tenants. We will screen potential tenants by conducting background and credit checks. Lease documents are then coordinated by our office to ensure legal protection of the owner.

  • Managing Tenants – Once a tenant is in place, we can manage all tenant relations. We will collect and hold security deposits according to FL housing laws. We will collect rent and strictly enforce late fees. We will also conduct routine walkthroughs to verify that the tenant is fulfilling their maintenance obligations and that there is no property damage.

  • Complaints/Emergencies – We will act as a point of contact for your tenants and are available 24/7 to deal with maintenance requests and have the necessary contacts to handle emergency situations.

  • Maintenance – We will supervise and coordinate routine maintenance as well as any repairs needed. Owners may authorize repairs up to a certain dollar amount and then will be contacted for further instructions in the event of large repairs or renovation. We have a network of trusted contractors that enable us to handle any type of situation

  • Vacant properties – We can perform routine inspections to ensure the security and marketability of a propert

  • Disbursements – We can handle any disbursements that you may wish, including but not limited to: mortgage, insurance, taxes, dues, utilities and routine maintenance costs such as pool and lawn care. We will facilitate initializing accounts and contracts to ensure that your property is up and running quickly and smoothly

  • Reporting – We will provide monthly breakdowns of any income and expenses and issue owner draws if needed. We will also provide annual tax documentation

We appreciate your interest in allowing Pastermack Real Estate to serve all of your property management needs. Please contact us at (321) 452-7785 to set an appointment so that we can discuss your custom property management package.